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List of products by supplier: Extremis

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    This space divider is ideal for creating a feeling of privacy in a garden or on a balcony without losing the sense of freedom typical of open spaces. Extremis Sticks was the result of a search for a multiuse screen with outdoor...

    498,00 €
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    Use Sticks indoors to adapt the look of a room or office arrangement entirely to your own taste. With Sticks you can create your own space over and over again. You can also choose which and how many rods you use and create various...

    462,00 €
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    Sticks already creates a play of light and shadows by itself, but if you opt for bases with integrated LED lighting - available for indoor and outdoor use – you get truly astonishing light effects. In short, Sticks is an ideal tool for...

    732,00 €
  • In Stock

    The Curved Sticks Extremis base combines perfectly with a rectangular base or another curved base, allowing you to create all kinds of patterns: a straight line, an angle, a wavy line, a semicircle, or why not a complete circle (you need...

    486,00 €
  • In Stock

    Power supply to operate the Enlightened Extremis Sticks. IP44 for outdoor. IP20 for interior with switch.

    138,00 €
  • This table for two is in fact much more than just a table seating two people. Extremis Picnik was of course primarily designed as a table and bench seat combination for small outdoor spaces. But thanks to its striking looks – both solid...

    4 410,00 €
  • The Extremis Gargantua table offers superior functionality thanks to its adjustable benches that can be changed in height depending on social or family circumstances. There is a level for adults, for small and tall children, or the bench...

    4 716,00 €
  • In Stock

    For especially windy places, use the extra weight steel plate underneath every rubber base. For base 60/30 cm 11Kg

    120,00 €