Edisio EMM-100

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Edisio EMM-100

Edisio Smart Home

Edisio EMM-100 allows you to associate any existing switch to all receivers. You keep your existing switches while benefit of edisio wireless technology. Your existing switches will control your installation in On/Off/Dimmer, Open/Stop/Close and Scenarios.

Make now vary the intensity of your lighting with a existing mechanical switches.

The advantage of the EMM-100:
on 1 channel “Leaving” = all lights off, shutters closed
on 1 channel “Arrival” = all lights on, shutters opened.

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1 to 4 weeks

49,49 € tax incl.


More info

Battery: 3VDC (Lithium CR2032)

Battery life time: 3 years
Channels: 2
Outdoor range: 100m
Operating temperature range: -5°C to +45°C
Protection degree: IP20
Dimensions: 31x42x10mm

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