Pack Heating / Cooling Edisio EPK71S

Pack Heating / Cooling Edisio EPK71S

Edisio Smart Home

Edisio EPK71S is a pack for controle Heating / Cooling/ Thermostat connected.
Control your heating/cooling at the distance, Without subscriptions and without compromise.

Connected house, connected thermostat ?
With the Pack EPK-71S you can control your Heating/Cooling (mode hotou mode cold) from wherever via your Smartphone, Iphone, Ipad, Androïd, PC, … 

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216,00 € tax incl.


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Control your heating/cooling at the distance!

- Compatible with most of the boilers (by dry contact) with the fuel, with the gas, with the wood, the CAP heat pump (reversible and not reversible), electric fires and thread pilots for France.
- Control the temperature of your house, office, whom you are at your home or at the other end of the world via your smartphone.
- Control the heating and the cooling by dry contact 
- Via the sensor of activity (optional) EMS-100, if you return earlier than usually, your arrival is detected and modifies its program of heating accordingly.
- He detects your absence, if any presence during the 1 hour, the thermostat can pass in eco or frost free mode.
- You leave for vacancy, indicate the number of days of absences and during your return the temperature will be adapted.
- Install as a replacement of your existing wired thermostat.

Inclusive material :

  • 1 box home automation easylink Lite EGW-LITE
  • 1 sensor of temperature EDS-100 
  • 1 heating receiver 10A dry contact EMR-2000
  • 1 Web server for remote acces Without subscription and completely free
  • 1 service cloud 

Evolutive Pack !

Thanks to the box home automation EGW-LITE (includes in this pack) you can add afterward wireless receivers and make the simpler and more comfortable life!

Edisio proposes you an installation wireless home automation thanks to the wireless switches.
Adaptable on your current electric installation.

Remote access
Command your installation since wherever via your Smartphone (Smartphone, Iphone, Ipad, Androïd, PC, …) !

  • Switch On/ Switch Off at a distance to create an activity or still make energy savings
  • Connected thermostat, control the heating of your house since wherever
  • Feign a presence during your absence
  • Open/ Close your shutters without moving you or at a distance
  • Create personalisés scenarios
  • Simple anf fast to install

Give free rein to your desires, the home automation is going to return you the simpler and more comfortable life.