Zen Garden Planika

Zen Garden Planika

Planika Fires

For those who value spending their spare time outdoors with friends and family, Planika comes up with ‘Zen Garden’. Its unique ellipse-shaped silhouette, with beauty of flames forming a line, create truly relaxing atmosphere. It brings a real touch of luxury and becomes a focal point of one’s garden or patio. All the pleasure-seekers will be contented to feast their eyes on this astonishing product. Moreover, Zen Garden is appreciated for its portability. That feature lets the users feel free to re-arrange their outdoor space as often as they wish It’s not only a matter of its superb appearance, but also the safety of the burning process can be guaranteed. The new technology applied eliminates any leakage possibility. Furthermore, the shutter enables smooth flame size regulation. The fireplace burns absolutely without smoke or smell and the only by-products of the combustion process are water and carbon dioxide in trace amounts.

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Height54,7 cm
Width40,1 cm
Weight22 kg
Length110,2 cm
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