Olev Pure BioAir
Olev Pure BioAir Olev Pure BioAir Olev Pure BioAir Olev Pure BioAir Olev Pure BioAir Olev Pure BioAir Olev Pure BioAir Olev Pure BioAir
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Pure BioAir from Olev is a suspended lamp that safely purifies the air in your indoor environment. This purifying lamp will find its place in professional spaces such as offices, or in your private home.

Olev Pure BioAir is a suspended light that purifies the environment with UV-C light in a really safe way.

This light fixture exploits the bactericidal power of UV-C light, a very effective light to counteract the spread of dangerous viruses, bacteria and pathogenic micro-organisms.

For maximum protection, and unlike ordinary germicidal lamps where UV-C rays are emitted directly in plain sight, Pure BioAir channels the air inside the structure, filtering it through its integrated UV-C light source, allowing the occupants of the room to have their eyes completely protected from UV-C rays.

When left to run Pure BioAir for 8 hours, it can filter the entire volume of air in a 30 m3 room, purifying 79% of the air in that space.

Olev Light has also carefully studied the treatment of the surfaces used. The paint is protected by a transparent antibacterial film based on microencapsulated silver ions, offering effective protection against 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

As for the light source used to illuminate your environment, it comes from a high color efficiency LED source placed in the lower part of the light fixture, thus diffusing its light directly downwards.

In order to eliminate glare as much as possible, this pendant lamp can also be equipped with ultra-dark lamellar screens, guaranteeing a UGR (Unified Glare Rating) value of less than 19.

In option, it is also possible to equip Pure BioAir with Tillandsia plants (Green Kit), a special "smog-eating" plant that does not require any care. This plant does not grow in the soil, it draws all the nutrients it needs exclusively from the humidity of the surrounding environment. This Green Kit reinforces the cleansing action of the lamp by absorbing the polluting particles present inside.

Olev offers its Pure BioAir suspension in 5 color finishes :

Matte White BO - Matte Black NO  Gold OR - Pink Copper RR - Bronze BV - Titanium grey TI.

The led lighting is available in warm white 3000°K and neutral white 4000°K.

The light on the underside is diffused by an anti-glare lamellar diffuser (RE).

Olev Pure BioAir

1 x 20W - 1 x 14W LED

3000°K 3613 Lumens (+/-200W halogène)

4000°K 3783 lm (+/-200W halogène)

L 112,5 cm - H 8,5 cm - l 4,2 cm

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Olev Pure BioAir Tech 2023

  • Reference 6330W-RE-NO
  • mpn: 6330W-RE-NO

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