FLA3 in Casing A Planika

FLA3 in Casing A Planika

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Planika Fire Line Automatic 3 is the most innovative bioalcohol fireplace by Planika. Thanks to its advanced technology, everybody can enjoy real fire without smoke, smell or ash. The device is based on a patented fuel delivery system (BEV Technology), because of which only heated fuel vapours are burned, optimizing the work of the fireplace. In case of malfunction, the safety sensors (e.g. CO2 sensor or overflow sensor) will turn the device off.

The fireplace is equipped with an electronic system which allows to regulate the flame size and the burning time. The device can be operated using a control panel with an impressive LCD display, a remote control or using mobile devices over WiFi connection. What’s more, it can be integrated with the Smart Home system, giving even more possibilities to control it with various devices.

The length of standard model is 1190 mm, however Planika provides the possibility to customize the product to individual project. Fire Line Automatic 3 is perfect for architects and interior designers, as it brings unlimited arrangement opportunities – it can be built in the wall, a piece of furniture or positioned on the ground. In addition, the standard steel colour of the Fire Line Automatic is possible to be lacquered with a high-gloss in any RAL tone. 

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• Made to measure
• No ventilation grate required
• Possibility of placing several units together
• 6-stage flame size regulation
• Fast Start system
• Sleep timer
• Built-in WiFi system
• Remote control (e.g. smartphone, tablet)
• Smart Home System Compatible
• No pipes or external installation required
• Child safety lockr
• Shock-proof
• LCD display
• Sophisticated safety sensors
  (e.g. CO2 sensor, Overflow sensor)
• Indoor use
• Certified

Data sheet
Height62,2 cm
Depth34 cm
Weight37 kg
Length127,4 cm
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