FLA2 in Casing A Planika

FLA2 in Casing A Planika

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Now FLA2 is available in Casing A.
We provided the opportunity to purchase Fire Line Automatic in specially prepared casing, giving users much more freedom in how to treat the visible part of the fireplace.

By installing the insert into a recessed wall with a casing, the options for a design of a fireplace seem to be absolutely endless. We used the rigorously tested powder coated steel, which has the proper thickness and complies extremely restrictive norms that guarantee the maximum of quality and ensure the highest level of safety.

To further increase the functionality of Fire Line Automatic 2 we added an optional accessory - a brushed steel frame. Some customers may want to add the frame to their fireplaces creating a more sophisticated look.

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 Made to measure
 Possibility of joining several units
 4-stage flame size regulation
 Remote control
 Smart home system Integration
 LED display
 The longest burning time available
 For customized projects
 Advanced Microprocessor Electronics
 Indoor use
Data sheet
Height 53,7 cm
Depth 42,7 cm
Weight 42 kg
Length 107,4 cm
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