Fire Line Automatic E Planika

Fire Line Automatic E Planika

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Planika Fire Line Automatic model E allows for fast and easy operation of the fireplace as well as comfort and safety of use. The FLA model E has been tailored to clients not only careful about their money but also those who are interested in convenience and pleasure of beholding the charms of a fireplace.

This new model is equipped with a hidden control panel used for regulating the flame size and optimal fuel consumption. Also, Fire Line Automatic 2 model E has numerous safety sensors, which inform the user about the work of the device. Thanks to built-in ventilators no additional ventilation is required.

Planika Fire Line Automatic 2 model E is launched only by pressing a button on the control panel. If the fireplace is working, it is not possible to open the inlet flap. The FLA2 model E is based on a special fuel delivery system (BEV Technology), thanks to which only heated fuel vapours are burned, optimizing the work of the device.

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 Flame size regulation
 Sophisticated Microprocessor
 Single button start system 
 No chimney required
 Advanced safety sensors
 No additional ventilation required
 Hidden control panel
 Child lock
 Indoor use


Data sheet
Width 25,5 cm
Depth 14,2 cm
Weight 15,5 kg
Length 99 cm
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