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  • 3 to 8 weeks

    Like a shell perfectly poised over the floor, Ramón Esteve achieves the Ulm Daybed design with refined and clean spherical geometry. Its circular form and grand scale adapt to each setting while its swivel feature permits it to...

    3 522,00 €
  • 3 to 8 weeks

    Vondom BUM BUM was born from the principle of not designing objects, but rather musical instruments to be used for another purpose; the same as a person who holds a shell to their ear to hear the ocean. This collection that has tubular...

    1 602,00 €
  • 3 to 8 weeks

    Vondom Faz Daybed by Ramón Esteve, architect of harmony, serenity, timelessness and universality has created mineral and emphatic shapes that make FAZ a design that contextualizes with homes and installations. An ambience, encircling as...

    3 201,60 €