Spotlights are a very popular and practical type of lighting for rooms, or highlighting paintings and objects. This type of fixture can be used indoors or outdoors depending on its IP rating. Spotlights are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, making them easy to integrate into any decor.  

For these lights, we can categorize them into four main themes, surface mounted spots, recessed spots, trimless spots and floor spots. In these different categories you will find indoor spotlights, outdoor spotlights and bathroom spotlights.

Whether recessed or surface mounted, it is also possible to choose fixed or directional spots to direct the light.

These lamps are generally offered in two light source options, factory led spotlights, or spotlights with independent bulbs, mainly GU10 or MR16. If you choose a factory installed led spotlight, check that it is possible to have the led light source as a spare part in case of failure. 

The choice is often given also on the color of the led light, warm white, neutral white, cold white, see also variable intensity, normal or dim to warm.



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