wholesaler Lighting and lamps

Andéo offers to professionnals, specific conditions for their purchases.

For large and small quantities.


Our department PRO is the ideal partner for all professionals, for public or private projects.


Whether you are an architect, decorator, entrepreneur, restaurant, hotel, etc ... with us you give you a listening ear, to analyze and to offer products that meet your expectations.


Andéo gives special attention to less popular products to develop different spheres we can’t usually find, also in decoration. represents a Win Win Partnership to all lighting purchases for all devices, furniture and decoration, for interior and outdoor, among more than a hundred brands.


Whether for a small or large project, we study this together to offer attractive prices.


For professionnal with VAT number outside Belgium, you buy directly without VAT (intra-Community acquisition), but also for companies outside Europe.


Andéo delivers over the world, we have customers in Australia, Canada, Ghana, Israel, France, Germany, Netherlands, England, Switzerland ...


  • Personalized service
  • Attractive prices
  • Thousands of references
  • Exclusive VAT for pro outside Belgium
  • Delivery worldwide