Surface Mounted Spotlight

An apparent spotlight is a light fixed directly to the ceiling or the wall. Unlike recessed spotlights, it has the advantage of not having to make holes to install it.

There are a multitude of shapes and colors for the apparent spotlights. They can be single or multiple, on a simple base, on a long base or round base with several spots.

They can be directional spots, or fixed spots with various styles such as tubes, round or square, cubes, hexagons, balls ... 

The look can be from the classic spot, to the design spot, through industrial and architectural spots

The light source also plays an important role in the design of the luminaire. If you choose recessed spotlights with independent bulbs, the shape of the spotlight will be very dependent on the bulb. A spotlight with GU10 bulb will be less imposing than a spotlight with AR111 bulb or spotlight with E27 bulb, but bigger than a spotlight with G9 bulb for example.

On the other hand, if you choose a recessed spotlight with factory-integrated LED lighting, these apparent LED spotlights are not bound to a standard bulb shape, the manufacturer of the lamp develops its own LED, so the design can be much more worked.

Whether it is a design light or more classic, integrated led or not, it is important to choose the power of your apparent light, and the distribution of light. If you choose a led lighting, the color of the light source is also important depending on the room where you install your spotlights. Dimming can also be an interesting option if you have a dimmer, or if it is possible to install one.

The difference we make between exposed spotlights and ceiling fixtures is that the latter type of fixture is more ceiling design, with volumes and shapes more advanced.

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